2017-2019 Long Range Plan

Life Adult Day Health Care

2017-2019   Long Range Plan

The Life Adult Day Healthcare Center is a resource for all caregivers in the community and an engaging program for all older adults with health issues or disabilities. The Center is important in encouraging adults who have become isolated to reengage and connect to life in a safe, community environment while providing support to anyone assisting in caring for these adults. The Center is committed to continual provision of services to meet the needs of both the Participant and the Caregiver.

The Life Center is:

A place of Engagement:

  • We provide quality services designed to engage each person as an individual
  • We train our staff to focus on the consumer and their caregiver to meet the needs of both individuals and their families
  • We encourage community and life reengagement for both the Caregiver and the Participant
  • We offer choices and decision making opportunities for all Participants

A place of Acceptance:

  • We accept all Participants in the program regardless of disability, health issue, education, race, creed, country of origin, or sexual orientation
  • We acknowledge and validate the emotions of the Caregiver and provide an outlet for opening dialogue and finding support services
  • We admit all those in need of the Center’s services regardless of financial resources

A place of Encouragement:

  • We continually provide positive reinforcement to each individual to promote healthy levels of self-esteem
  • We ensure an environment of positive attitudes and focus on the strengths of each Participant
  • We provide experiences that are challenging but result in a beneficial outcome for each Participant
  • We offer reassurance to Caregivers in order to alleviate stress and guilt and improve mental health
  • We strive to maintain knowledge of current resources, education, and programs that may be a resource for Caregivers

Vision Statement:

Restoring quality of life, one person at a time.

Mission Statement:

The Life Adult Day Center enhances life and encourages independence for adults through health, social and supportive services.

Goals and Strategies


Provide a supportive and dynamic program that is designed to meet the needs of both the Participants and the Caregivers.

  • Continue to develop programming that will engage each individual in a group setting and promote interaction and connections.
  • Ensure quality control of all services offered to protect consumers.
  • Adhere to all regulations and requirements set by licensing and funding agencies.
  • Maintain an experienced, trained, and educated staff of individuals who can engage, support, and provide the services needed for each Participant and Caregiver.
  • Manage existing resources, review current assets and holdings, and update policies as needed to benefit the continuation and strength of the program.

Community Partnerships

Strengthen existing relationships with organizations and individuals and seek and develop new connections to enhance the Center’s ability to provide services to the community.

  • Maintain the long time relationship with the Congregation and Staff at Stillwater First Christian Church and continue to strengthen the role of the Center as a mission of the church.
  • Promote the services provided and benefits within both the general and medical community.
  • Preserve the strong relationship with the various departments at Oklahoma State University which provide access to students wishing to gain experience through research, education, volunteering, or working at the Center.
  • Retain the long standing partnership with the Stillwater Area United Way to provide much need community services and help create awareness of the program.
  • Continually identify possible new partnerships and funding sources.


Sustain an environment that is consumer focused in all aspects of the program.

  • Enhance customer service through continual teamwork across all aspects of programming.
  • Train all staff to promote the Center’s resources to those in need.
  • Encourage staff growth and ownership of the program.
  • Establish customer service standards that will be communicated throughout the entire organization.
  • Gather feedback from consumers through annual surveys as well as striving daily to solve any issues for each individual that do not meet expectations.
  • Ensure that customer service is a priority in hiring, training and evaluation of all staff.