Gilbert and Becky CHEER to warm cups of coffee!Throughout the Life Center’s existence, recreation and leisure activities have played a major role in the overall program.  Staff members with college degrees, national certifications, and licenses in Therapeutic Recreation provide expertise which results in a quality, comprehensive program designed to facilitate socialization, enhance physical and mental functioning, and promote psychological well-being.

        What may appear to an outside observer as just “fun and games” are in fact activities which have been chosen and adapted to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of each Center Participant.  Whether experiencing cognitive impairments, physical limitations, emotional disturbances, or other challenges, every Center Participant is included in each day’s activity program. To achieve optimal success and meet the needs of each individual, several activities are often scheduled concurrently.            

Without diminishing the importance of   the many other services provided by the Center, it is our conviction  that recreation and leisure-related activities are unmatched in their inherent potential to motivate, heal, and raise the human spirit.         

Regularly  scheduled activities at the Center include:

  • Music enrichment  
  • Artistic Impressions            
  • Green Thumb Society            
  • Culinary Creations            
  • Dramatics            
  • Creative Poetry            
  • Continuing Education             
  • Literary Club            
  • Movie Club            
  • Board games            
  • Dance            
  • Yoga and Tai Chi
  • Competitive events            
  • Pet Partners
  • Spiritual studies            
  • Community Outings           
  • Traveler’s Club       
  • Table games     
  • Participant Council            
  • Guest speakers & entertainers
  • Daily exercise programs           
  • Red Hat Society            
  • Adapted sports            
  • Intergenerational activities            
  • Group and individual exercise           
  • Seasonal events and parties         
  • Reminiscence Therapy            
  • Arts and Crafts

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