DSC06827Sharpen Cognitive Skills~ Increased Short and Long Term Memory~ DECREASE CONFUSION~ Enhance Self-Control~ Reduce Anxiety~ Improve Ways of Coping~ REDUCE STRESS~ Elevate Emotional Well-Being~ Promote Adjustment to Disability~ Strengthen Psychological Well-being~ BUILD SELF-ESTEEM~ Develop Trust~ Promote Community Integration~ Expand Interpersonal Relationships~ ENHANCE COMMUNICATION SKILLS~ Increase Life Satisfaction~ Prevent Decline in Health Status~ Enhance Quality of Life~ REDUCE FAMILY AND CAREGIVER STRESS~ Build Family Unity~ Minimize Health Care Costs~ Manage Chronic Illness~ EXPAND SUPPORT NETWORK~ Reinforce Acceptable Behaviors~ Enhance Independence~ Maintain Productivity~ IMPROVE CARDIOVASCULAR FUNCTIONING~ Increase Self-Reliance~ Contribute to Overall Health~ Enhance Body Image~ ADDRESS PSYCHOSOCIAL NEEDS~ Increase Strength and Endurance~ Acquire Knowledge and Skills~ Increase Physical Conditioning~ ENHANCE DECISION-MAKING SKILLS~ Decrease Social Isolation

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